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Hainan Nuoli fruit enzyme factory to teach you how to identify natural enzymes

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Scientifically speaking, many of the enzymes on the market are complex metabolites of some fruits and vegetables, and simple enzymes are fundamentally different concepts, called complex enzymes may be more appropriate. Hainan Noni Fruit Enzyme factory teaches you how to identify natural enzymes. In the 19th century, because it is a biocatalyst, organisms, including humans, usually contain thousands of enzymes that dominate many catalytic processes, such as biological metabolism, nutrition and energy conversion.


Nori produces at temperatures of 30-35 °C throughout the year, in an environment that does not decay even when it is dry. The tradition of using Nori to treat various diseases has been going on for thousands of years, and large-scale industrial quantification has been developed since 1990s. The NONI enzyme produced by the noni enzyme factory in Hainan contains more than 275 vitamins, minerals, micronutrient, essential amino acids and antioxidants, which are of great medical value, its a powerful natural nutrient complex.


Nori is a natural fruit that can be fermented by itself and is a truly natural enzyme beverage that contains no pigment, preservative, sweetener, water, sugar, or yeast and is picked and fermented directly into an enzyme, noni enzyme produced by Hainan noni enzyme factory is suitable for different ages and sexes. It is not antagonistic to Western medicine and Chinese medicine. It can be used both as well as supplement.